The Sea Ranch, California

The Sea Ranch, California

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The Sea Ranch, CA

Sustainability Store is based in our solar powered home at The Sea Ranch in Northern California. The Sea Ranch is an environmentally-planned community that is internationally known for its distinctive architecture, stewardship of the natural environment, and abundance of wildlife. The community has extensive common land, making up half of the 3500 acres. The Sea Ranch strongly enforces policies that protect natural beauty like limited home size, no permitter fencing, no lawns, no night lights, and native-only landscaping. The Sea Ranch founders were pioneers in community design. They believed that the design of buildings should be in harmony with the landscape and that the environmental setting is more important than the structures. The community has over 50 miles of spectacular hiking trails along the inspiring 9 mile coastline, through redwood forests, and across meadows grazed by deer and sheep.

John Aebi-Magee