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Busch Systems - Recycling Containers

Busch Systems manufactures a complete line of recycling bins, recycling containers, waste receptacles, and compost containers. They engineer their recycling containers to use minimal natural resources and to ship effectively, thereby reducing carbon emissions. All of the products produced by Busch Systems contain recycled content, are 100% recyclable, and are made in North America. Busch Systems has a core philosophy of "People, Planet, Product" that guides them in their environmental responsibility. They are willing to make decisions, such as recently installing living green walls, that don't necessarily benefit the financial bottom line.  They believe that by doing the right things, the right things come back. Every year Busch Systems sets sustainability goals for the company. Their recent goals have included switching to eco-friendly soaps, recycling more of their waste, switching all light bulbs to LED, switching to paperless accounting, reducing packaging by 15%, and reducing energy and water consumption by 5%. If you are looking for any type of recycling container for your home or office, Busch Systems offers a simple tool on their website to help you find the right product for your needs. Their products are available for purchase directly from the website.

Dolphin Blue - General Store

Dolphin Blue is a provider of a wide range of recycled, eco-friendly, and sustainable products that are made in the USA from the highest amount of post-consumer recycled content attainable. They specialize in products for your home, office, and pets. Products include recycled paper, office supplies, remanufactured ink cartridges, home & garden items, healthy snacks, body care products, pet supplies, calendars, cards, gifts, and toys. Dolphin Blue products contain a minimum of 20% post-consumer recycled material whenever possible or, if not recycled, they are the most sustainably manufactured available and with a minimal carbon footprint. Dolphin Blue packages orders using only post-consumer recycled or reused materials. A portion of profits are donated to environmental non-profits and customers help direct those donations. Dolphin Blue products are available online and they ship to U.S. locations.

Greenshine New Energy - Solar Lighting

Greenshine New Energy specializes in developing and manufacturing customized outdoor LED lighting systems for a wide range of applications. They provide high-quality outdoor solar lights that are manufactured according to the highest standard in the industry. Greenshine designs and engineers all their systems in their Irvine CA facility and are one of the main solar light manufacturers. Products include solar lighting, garden lights, lawn lights, street lights, parking area lights, path lights, and lights for signage. Wholesale and commercial or bulk sales only.

New Leaf Paper

New Leaf Paper is the largest paper company in the United States focused exclusively on sustainable printing papers. Their mission is to be the leading national source for environmentally responsible, economically sound paper and to inspire a fundamental shift toward sustainability in the paper industry. New Leaf Paper produces 30 product lines of coated, uncoated, and board grade papers including some made from 100% post consumer waste. Their papers are suitable for printers, designers, corporations, businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

The Green Office - Office Supplies and Recycled Paper

The Green Office is an online retailer featuring a wide variety of green and conventional office products and a comprehensive range of sustainability services designed to make office greening easy and cost effective.  Catalog products including recycled paper and a wide range of office supplies are ranked by greenness, allowing customers to balance price, performance, and sustainability.  Most products are delivered next day and free of charge. Established in 2005, the company strives to model sustainable business by maximizing the social, ecological, and financial performance of the company.

The Paper Mill Store

The Paper Mill Store offers an extensive collection of cut sheet recycled paper and card stock in a variety of sizes, colors, weights, and finishes. Products range from 100% recycled down to 10% and some alternative fiber papers are offered as well. The Paper Mill Store uses many eco-preferable processes and resources including 100% wind power in all facilities, carbon neutral shipping, 50% recycled fiber shipping boxes, and over 5,000 recycled paper items for sale.

Earth Care Paper

Earth Care Paper helps you locate products made from recycled paper and alternative fiber paper as a public service to help change the American waste ethic. Their Directory of Recycled and Alternative Fiber Paper includes all of the leading suppliers. Earth Care Paper was the first company in America to retail a full line of recycled paper products. It was also the first company in America to print consumer catalogs on 100 percent recycled paper, the first company in America to develop non-plastic natural fiber cellulose packaging for stationery products, and the first company in America to produce 100 percent recycled wrapping paper.

Organic Cotton Plus - Fabric

Organic Cotton Plus offers a huge selection of fabric made from certified organic cotton that is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Their organic cotton fabrics include knits, eco­dyed fabrics, and notions, Organic cotton production does not pollute ground water, surface water, or the air; it does not poison farmers, farm workers, or their families, and it improves soil quality for future generations. Organic Cotton Plus was the first fabric retailer in the U.S. to be fully GOTS-certified­ right through packing in the warehouse. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the leading processing standard for textiles made from organic fibers. It defines environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain and requires compliance with social criteria as well.

Cortizza - Cork Accessories

Cortizza designs and manufactures accessories made from sustainable cork. Cork fabric has a luxurious texture and is available in a variety of patterns. Cork trees have a typical lifespan of over 200 years and they are not damaged or cut down to harvest the cork. Cork forests support biodiversity including endangered birds, plants and mammals. Cortizza's products include fashion accessories, handbags, wallets, make-up cases, travel cases, overnight bags, business portfolios, business gifts, corporate gifts, executive accessories and wine accessories. Cortizza can personalize many products with your company logo or text.

Naked Binder - Office Binders

Naked Binder is dedicated to making the most sustainable, recycled and recyclable binders. They have simplified the manufacturing process, materials needed, and the steps required to recycle it again. They tested their products to make sure they will last far longer than it's competition. And they made their binders good looking, so people would keep them around. The board is 100% recycled and the binders are 100% recyclable. Naked Binder is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating to preserve wild spaces and wilderness.

Fairware Promotional Products

Fairware Promotional Products is a Vancouver-based promotions agency that specializes in ethically sourced and environmentally responsible promotional products. Each supplier is assessed based on the Fairware Supplier Code of Conduct and they do their homework on the environmental and social attributes of their client’s custom imprinted products.

Ecowood Retail Displays

Ecowood Retail Displays builds quality eco-friendly wooden fixtures from reclaimed wood for your retail store or restaurant. Made in America, Ecowood can supply your store with wood fixtures, displays, cabinets, and furniture. In addition to reclaimed wood, they also use sustainably harvested materials, formaldehyde-free adhesives, low and no VOC finishes, and recycled and recyclable packaging.