All in Cleaning Products

NoOdor - Deodorizers

NoOdor produces reusable odor eliminators that work without harsh fragrances or chemicals. Their deodorizers are made from all natural ingredients that are safe for people, pets, and the planet. Simply select the unwanted odor on their website and you will be provided with options for products that are specific to that problem. They have solutions for a wide variety of odors including odors caused by smoke, chemicals, fish, pets, mold, rodents, paint, perfume, spoiled food, or even skunks. You place the odor pouch in the area to be treated and once the odor is gone, you can refresh and reuse the pouch by placing it in the sun or heating it in an oven or microwave. NoOdor guarantees to solve any odor problem you are trying to solve.  All the ingredients in NoOdor products are classified as Generally Regarded as Safe by the Food and Drug Administration and they are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and made in the U.S. NoOdor is a product of IMTEK Environmental Corp. and their products are available on their website.

GreenEarth Cleaning - Dry Cleaning

GreenEarth Cleaning provides non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally friendly cleaning products for dry cleaning businesses worldwide. With more than 6,000 retail providers in over 40 countries, you probably have a GreenEarth cleaner nearby. GreenEarth strives to provide a cleaning system that uses the least amount of energy and water and eliminates hazardous materials from textile cleaning. They are committed to minimizing the impact of garment cleaning on the planet. They do this through a new cleaning process that does not use petrochemicals. Instead, cleaning is based on the use of silicone, an environmentally non-toxic, non-hazardous product that breaks down into sand (SiO2), water, and carbon dioxide. You can quickly find a GreenEarth cleaner near you by visiting their website.

Daddy Van's - Beeswax Furniture Polish

Daddy Van's produces beeswax furniture polish from pure unrefined beeswax, natural emollients, and botanicals. Packaged in reusable, recycled steel tins, the polish is ideal for use on butcher-block countertops, wooden toys, and wooden furniture. They contain no petroleum byproducts, solvents, or artificial fragrances. Daddy Van's products are made in the USA and are certified cruelty-free. Located in North Carolina, the company offers online sales.

Nature's Crib - Household Goods

Nature's Crib is a family owned eco-friendly company that is committed to offering the best natural organic baby clothes, bedding, and other natural products for you & your home. Nature's Crib uses recycled materials whenever possible and will often reuse packaging materials. They only sell products that will greatly benefit both their customers and the environment. Nature's Crib offers sheets, blankets, pillows, mattresses, mattress covers, towels, rugs, shower curtains, sleepwear, table linens, toys, juicers, air purifiers, and natural cleaning products.

Vermont Soap

Vermont Soap produces certified organic alternatives to chemical and detergent based personal care products. They manufacture handmade cold process bar soaps, liquid soaps for skin and cleaning, organic shower gels, organic nontoxic cleaners, and pet shampoo. Vermont Soap considers the environmental impact of every raw material and ingredient and the same goes for packaging. Most Vermont Soap products are certified to USDA organic food standards and they choose local ingredients whenever possible. Vermont Soap decided to invest in high-efficiency electric steam boilers powered by local hydropower rather than the cheaper option of using natural gas from fracking.

Cal Ben Soap Company

Since 1947, Cal Ben Soap Company has been making natural soaps from white tallow, pure cocoa butter oils, and natural extracts of almond, coconut, and citrus. Their products are not tested on animals and they are packaged with concern for the environment. The Cal Ben Soap Company is family owned and operated in California. Their products are available online and include bar soap, shampoo, body lotion, crystal deodorant, dish soap, laundry soap, and glass cleaner.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner’s is a family business committed to making socially and environmentally responsible products of the highest quality, and by dedicating their profits to help make a better world. Dr. Bronner's soaps are renowned for their quality, versatility, and eco-friendliness. Emanuel Bronner started Dr. Bronner’s in 1948 and the 4th and 5th generations of the Bronner family run the company today. Dr. Bronner's is now a leader in environmental responsibility. With complete transparency, they state their environmental impacts. Out of 27 million pounds of product produced last year, 81% of the raw material was fair trade and 83% was certified organic. Additionally, 64% of packaging was from post consumer waste and only 11% of total waste was not reused or recycled and went to a landfill. The Bronner mission is to make humble and mindful use of the earth’s gifts. Do not waste and do not harm the land or people or animals. What comes from the earth must go back! Dr. Bronner's soaps are available at major retail outlets and online from their website.

LifeTree - Household Cleaners

LifeTree was an early pioneer in producing biodegradable cleaners. They were the first company in the U.S. to produce a complete line of natural, biodegradable household cleaning products. Life Tree products are packaged up to 4 times as concentrated as competitive products, resulting in cost-savings and less packaging being discarded into the waste stream. LifeTree products are formulated to biodegrade quickly and completely. They contain no phosphates, chlorine, artificial colors, or other environmentally harmful ingredients. LifeTree produces a household cleaner, dish soap, bathroom cleaner, laundry soap, and all-purpose spray cleaner and they can be purchased locally at many retailers or online from their website.

EcoChoices - Mattresses, Bedding, and Household

EcoChoices offers a large selection of natural and organic mattresses, bedding, body care, candles, clothing, rugs, pillows, household cleaning supplies, and recycled paper. Their mission is to offer the finest non-toxic environmentally friendly products available at the best possible prices. They are located in California and offer online sales.

The Good Common Sense Store - Household Goods

The Good Common Sense Store offers a wide selection of "green" goods, along with great prices and great customer care. They strive to help people find and use safe & healthy alternatives to nationally known “shame” brands. Good Common Sense offers green and sustainable products for cleaning, pet care, wellness, body care, energy saving, water saving and recycled paper. Their recycled paper products include binders, envelopes, folders, notebooks, and notepads.

ECOS - Green Cleaning Products

Family owned and operated since 1967, ECOS has been creating and perfecting thoughtfully sourced cleaning products that work great and are safer for people and the planet. ECOS manufactures their products in their carbon-neutral plants using zero-waste guidelines and powered by renewable energy. ECOS keeps prices low and quality high, shattering the myth that buying “green” has to be expensive. Ecos also offers tree-free paper towels and toilet paper made from renewable bamboo and sugarcane that are free of inks, dyes, and fragrances. Located in Illinois with online ordering.

Seventh Generation - Household Products

For more than 25 years Seventh Generation has been formulating plant-based products that are safe and that work. Based in Vermont, Seventh Generation strives to be better for workers, better for communities, and better for the environment. Their cleaning and household products are made for surfaces, fabrics, pets and people. As a pioneer in corporate responsibility, Seventh Generation evaluates their products from their development through to their production, purchase, use, and disposal.  They are always evaluating how to reduce their environmental impact, increase performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain.

Pumpkin Doodle

Pumpkin Doodle offers environmentally friendly products for your family at an affordable price. Their organic and green products allow you to furnish your child's room with products that are chemical free and manufactured using green methods. Pumpkin Doodle can help you create a healthy, safe, and eco-friendly bedroom for your little one, equipped with organic bedding & accessories, organic mattresses, natural baby mattress, and organic clothing. They also offer cleaning products that will keep your child's bedroom toxin free.

GoodHumans - Environmentally Responsible Products

GoodHumans is an online retailer of environmentally responsible products. They feature hundreds of earth and human-friendly products including hemp clothing, organic cotton clothing, household cleaning supplies, and natural body care products. GoodHumans is a family owned and operated business located in Santa Cruz, California. Their mission is to help make the earth a healthier place for all inhabitants by providing high quality, fairly traded, environmentally friendly products to consumers at reasonable prices. They strive to help people become good human beings, by having a less negative impact on the environment. 

Eco Safety Products - Paints, Stains, Cleaners, & Finishes

Eco Safety Products manufactures the EcoProCote brand, a full line of bio-based nontoxic paints, concrete stains, wood stains, concrete sealers, acid etch, paint strippers, green cleaning chemicals and more. Serving the green building industry, do-it-yourselfers, and independent dealers. The EcoProCote brand utilizes renewably sourced ingredients that replicate the functions of toxic ingredients, but without the hazards. Many are liw VOC and nontoxic.