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Upasana - Integral Design

Upasana is a place where creativity, fashion, design, Indian culture, business, social responsibility and spiritual progress are woven together. Their mission is to create conscious sustainable fashion without passing environmental costs on to the future. Upasana's work ranges from design and manufacturing of garments using a rich palette of traditional Indian textiles (organic cotton, silk from Benares etc.) to design consultancy, education and social development. It is a place where people are the central focus and all the projects, products and resources help people to grow and develop into their full radiance.

Global Exchange

Global Exchange is an international human rights organization dedicated to promoting social, economic, and environmental justice. Global Exchange tackles some of the most critical issues of our time like challenging corporate power, reducing our oil addiction, creating local green economies, campaigning for fair trade, monitoring elections, and training young adults in green careers. Global Exchange partners with Green America to put on the annual Green Festival, the largest sustainability event in the world. Each year the festival gets closer to being a zero-waste event. Over the last 25-years, Global Exchange has actively worked on behalf of workers, small farmers, the environment, and vulnerable communities around the world. Global Exchange also organizes socially conscious travel around the globe through their Reality Tours. Their 5-minute action program allows you to immediately make a difference on a cause by submitting an email right from the Global Exchange website.

Green America

Green America is a national not-for-profit organization founded in 1982 whose mission is to harness the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Known for their publications like The National Green Pages, Green America Magazine, and the Guide to Socially Responsible Investing, Green America is a leader on many fronts. The four main strategies Green America pursues are empowering individuals to make purchasing and investing choices that promote social justice and environmental sustainability, demanding an end to corporate irresponsibility, promoting green and fair trade business principles, and building sustainable communities in the US and abroad. They actively work to make progress on these strategies through a broad range of campaigns and programs. Some of their current programs include a campaign to help consumers identify non-GMO foods, a campaign urging electronics companies to provide safer factories, helping consumers purchase fair trade products, helping consumers find products that are not from sweatshops or child labor, promoting responsible credit cards from

Challenge and Fun - Toys and Games

Challenge and Fun offers a wide selection of high-quality toys and games including soft dolls, natural baby toys, puzzles, animal puppets, cuddle dolls, children's jewelry, and baby toys. Challenge and Fun selects products that are environmentally responsible and their products are made from materials like organic cotton, bio-certified wool, oko-tex certified non-toxic cotton, and wood finished with non-toxic water based stains. They work with some of the best wooden toy producers in Germany and offer fair trade products as well. Challenge and Fun strives to select products that are durable, beautiful, and will last as keepsakes. Their products are available online and ship from their location in California.

Zia & Tia Pure Luxury Organics

Zia & Tia Pure Luxury Organics is a Canadian business that began after the owner's adoption of their daughter from China. They offer organic, sustainable, and eco-friendly products for babies,  children, and dogs. Their products include hand knit and fair trade toys, hand knit baby dresses, sweaters, hats, shoes and blankets, hand knit dog sweaters, organic baby gifts, and organic fairtrade Peruvian Alpaca yarn. Their handmade knits are crafted stitch by stitch on 2 needles using organic cotton and organic wool. Their handknit toys are stuffed with certified Oeko-Tex polyfill and their fair trade toys are non-toxic. They work with suppliers who are committed to creating a more fair & sustainable world and they support organizations that help women and children. Products may be ordered online with worldwide shipping rates clearly displayed.

Tilonia Artisans of India

Based in Tilonia, India, Tilonia's online store is operated in partnership with the Friends of Tilonia by Barefoot College. They feature a variety of handcrafted accent pillows, bed spreads, quilts, throws, duvet covers, scarves, and table linens. All products are produced by artisans in rural communites using traditional methods. The fabric offerings are produce by more than 350 families of weavers, spinners and knitters near Tripuradevi, a village the Kumaon Himalayas.  They are handspun from Tibetan sheep wool and pure silk using solar powered spinning wheels in some of the unelectrified villages. The online store helps Barefoot College address basic needs of the rural poor by creating local advocates for rainwater harvesting, clean energy, girls' education, and economic opportunities for rural women. They develop direct sales and marketing channels for the artisans of Tilonia in the U.S and abroad. Training and materials provided by the College enable women from traditional communities to work from home, helping them to generate income from their needlework or sewing.

Solay Wellness - Salt Crystals

Solay Wellness produces salt crystal lamps, bath salts, table salt, and body care products using fair trade himalayan ingredients. Solay strives to make their manufacturing sustainable and they use recyclable and reusable packaging. The products they carry from other suppliers must meet specific standards for ecological and social conscience. Solay is dedicated to fair trade. They assist their supplier communities and local non-profit organizations and their salt crystals come from family-owned companies committed to fair trade and sustainable mining practices. Solay's flagship product is their salt lamp. Salt crystal lamps are natural air ionizers that can improve the quality of air in your room while enhancing wellness with an abundance of ions that help sleep, breathing, and immune functions. Their products are available for purchase online.

Equal Exchange - Fair Trade Coffee and Food

Equal Exchange's mission is to build long-term trade partnerships that are economically just and environmentally sound, to foster mutually beneficial relationships between farmers and consumers and to demonstrate the contribution of worker co-operatives and Fair Trade to a more equitable, democratic, and sustainable world. Equal Exchange has worked small-scale farmers and their co-ops for over 25 years, leading the Fair Trade movement. Their products are sold online and include coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas, nuts, and other foods.

Guayaki Yerba Mate

Guayaki Yerba Mate is the best-selling Yerba Mate tea in America. Guayaki is certified organic and shade grown for potency, vitality, clarity and well-being. Guayaki Yerba Mate is fairly traded in support of local small farmers and indigenous communities. Since the birth of Guayaki in 1996, Sustainability has been a driving force in the company. From seed to shelf, Guayaki takes into consideration the social, environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability of their products, including growing practices, supplier relationships, product packaging, and life cycle. Guayakí is the only mate company that is both certified organic and certified Fair Trade. The company also uses recycled packaging materials and paper supplies and maintains a chemical-free facility that is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Fair Trade USA

Fair Trade USA is a nonprofit organization and leading certifier of fair trade products in the United States. Their rigorous audit system tracks products from farm to market and verifies industry and farmer compliance with fair trade criteria. Fair Trade USA authorizes companies to display the Fair Trade Certified label on products that meet their high standards. Fair Trade USA seeks to inspire the rise of the conscious consumer and eliminate exploitation. Their website includes links to certified companies that offer fair trade products including apparel, household goods, food, body care, coffee, tea, and wine.

Paper High - Eco-friendly Gifts

Paper High sells Fair Trade paper products and unusual eco-friendly gifts made in India, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. Their products are handmade using locally sourced sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible. Paper High works with small family businesses, community incentives, charities and accredited Fair Trade organizations and they promise that every product offered is Fair Trade as set out by the World Fair Trade Organisation. Products available for sale online include journals, photo albums, leather bags, housewares, and gifts.

Mexican Hammocks Ltd

Mexican Hammocks Ltd sells authentic handmade Mexican hammocks, chair hammocks, hammock stands, and Mexican blankets. All of their products are hand-woven by Mayan men and women in remote villages in Yucatán, México. Work is done at home where working conditions are much better and safer than in factories. Mexican Hammocks strives to improve the lives of the local native Mayan community by providing sustainable employment and fair working conditions. The company is based in New Zealand and sales worldwide are shipped directly from the villages where the hammocks are made.

MarketPlace: Handwork of India

MarketPlace: Handwork of India is a pioneering nonprofit that empowers women in India to break the cycle of poverty. MarketPlace works with over 400 artisans who are organized into 11 independent co-operatives that produce high-quality women's apparel and home decor They learn skills such as sewing and embroidery, and participate in all aspects of running the cooperatives. Programs offer educational and enrichment opportunities designed to help the artisans overcome personal, cultural and financial obstacles. MarketPlace products available for purchase online include jackets, tops, skirts, pants, dresses, bags, jewelry, scarves, table linen, curtains, and cushion covers.

Mama Afrika

Mama Afrika sells fair trade art, crafts, and foods made in Africa by women’s cooperatives. Mama Afrika products are fairly and ethically traded and often organic. Workers are paid a fair price and Mama Afrika donates part of the proceeds each month to small, local African organizations working to improve the status of women and children. Mama Afrika products sold online include baskets, jewelry, carvings, clothing, coffee, tea, gift baskets, and pottery.

Lucuma Designs - Peruvian Crafts

Lucuma Designs represents the work of over 300 artisans throughout Peru. They bring you contemporary crafts and folk art to smile about, like finger puppets, wall art, carved gourd boxes, birdhouses, and holiday decor. By developing opportunities and collaborating with artists, Lucuma Designs empowers creative women and family workshops in Peru to help themselves and their community. As a proud member of the Fair Trade Federation since 1999 Lucuma Designs products are sold in over 500 specialty stores in North America and online at their website.

Kazuri America - African Jewelry

Kazuri was started in 1975 by Lady Susan Wood with the social mission of making work for a few impoverished women. Initially, less than 10 women were employed making beads in her garden shed. As word of the beauty and uniqueness of the Kazuri beads spread, sales increased, as did the facility. Today, 350 people are employed and many more wait in hope of having an opportunity to join. The peoples of the countries of sub-Saharan are faced with unemployment rates in excess of 65%. One jobholder often ends up providing for an extended family of 20 or more. It is particularly difficult for women to find jobs. Kazuri jewelry is unique and beautiful and products are available for purchase online.

Green Woman Store

Green Woman Store is an online catalog of woman-made green products, services, and podcasts including art, books, clothing, beauty products, health products, home and garden products, calendars, prints, posters, jewelry, natural perfumes, and green pet products. All products are Fair Trade and each women artist or producer receives 50% to 80% of all sales. When resources are directed toward women, everyone benefits. Gender equality is crucial for conservation, sustainable development, and equitable benefit sharing. Green Woman Store is dedicated to “Woman-Identified Sustainable Development,” putting women and their lifelong experiences back at the center of development strategies. Green Woman Store is woman owned, operated, and financed. 

Global Handmade Hope - Fair Trade

Global Handmade Hope is a fair trade wholesale and retail company that began in 2009 after a mission trip to Rwanda. They offer a variety of fair trade products from Colombia, Peru, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and Cambodia. They also speak at events about fair trade, how it impacts families, how individuals can become involved, and how consumers can drive change by voting for social justice with their dollars. Global Handmade Hope offers fair trade gifts, baskets, jewelry, clothing, home decor, holiday Items, bath products, and body care products.

Fairtrade International - Fairtrade Standards

Fairtrade International is an organization that coordinates Fairtrade labeling and sets international Fairtrade standards. Fairtrade International organizes support for producers around the world, develops global Fairtrade strategies, and promotes trade justice internationally. Fair trade is an alternative approach to conventional trade based on partnerships between producers, traders, businesses, and consumers. The international Fairtrade system - made up of Fairtrade International and its member organizations - represents the world's largest and most recognized fair trade system.