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Omega Institute

Omega Institute is a nonprofit organization founded on the holistic worldview that the well-being of each of us is deeply connected to the well-being of all living things. Since 1977, Omega has offered educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. The Omega Center for Sustainable Living demonstrates and teaches what is possible through regenerative design. Housed in the Eco Machine building, visitors and students can learn how to create a path toward a sustainable future. Omega also offers hundreds of workshops, conferences, and teacher training programs in the areas of body, mind, spirit, health, relationships, creative expression, leadership, and sustainable living.

Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News magazine has been helping folks live self-reliant, sustainable, meaningful lives for more than 35 years. Available in both print and digital versions, the magazine covers topics like organic food, country living, green transportation, renewable energy, natural health and green building. The main articles in Mother Earth News fall into the categories of homesteading, livestock, organic gardening, do-it-yourself, renewable energy, nature, and natural health. Their emphasis is on practical applications for anyone from a backyard gardener to a rural homesteader. Mother Earth News is known for presenting inspiring articles about building your own home, going off the grid, achieving self-sufficiency, and living a healthier life.

Fellowship for Intentional Community

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cooperative culture. Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Intentional communities include ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, income-sharing communes, student co-ops, spiritual communities, and other projects where people live together on the basis of explicit common values. The Fellowship for Intentional Community promotes cooperative culture and sustainable living through their online Communities Directory that provides a way for you to find communities near you. They also publish Communities Magazine, provide an extensive online community bookstore, host events, and publish an online blog. Their goal is to provide information and inspiration for those seeking community, forming communities, or struggling with the challenges of community.

Findhorn - Ecological Community and Foundation

Findhorn is a spiritual community, ecovillage, and international center for holistic learning. As one of the largest and most successful intentional communities in the world, Findhorn has long been known for helping unfold a new human consciousness for creating a positive and sustainable future. The Findhorn Foundation offers a range of workshops and events at the Community. Some workshops specifically address sustainability. Findhorn's sustainable values are expressed through ecological houses, innovative use of building materials, their living sewage treatment facility, and electricity-generating wind turbines. Sustainable values are also expressed in the community’s social, economic, and educational initiatives. The Findhorn ecovillage is a model for the complex problem of how to transform human settlements into full-featured sustainable communities that are harmlessly integrated into the natural environment. The Findhorn community offers many ways for people to experience the community including seven-day introductions where visitors are introduced to the principles and activities on which the community is based.

Earth Mama Angel Baby - Herbal Products

Earth Mama Angel Baby produces safe, herbal alternatives for pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding women, and babies and they seek to educate people about traditional plant medicine and safe personal care. Earth Mama manufactures natural and organic products that combine traditional plant medicine with the safety and assurances of contemporary research. Every product is made with only natural and organic ingredients and the company uses green and toxin-free business practices and has a company-wide commitment to honor the earth. Earth Mama Angle Baby products are available online and include herbal teas, balms, body washes, lotions, shampoo, and gifts.

Debra Lynn Dadd - Nontoxic Advocate

Consumer advocate Debra Lynn Dadd provides information about nontoxic products through books, newsletters, and consulting services. Her website provides a wealth of information about how to recognize toxic chemicals that are harmful to your health and how to protect yourself from them. It addresses all aspects of being healthy in a toxic world, including finding toxic free products, how to detox toxic substances from your body, and how to repair the damage toxic chemicals have done to your body. The site also includes hundreds of links to non-toxic products that benefit your health and the environment.

Solay Wellness - Salt Crystals

Solay Wellness produces salt crystal lamps, bath salts, table salt, and body care products using fair trade himalayan ingredients. Solay strives to make their manufacturing sustainable and they use recyclable and reusable packaging. The products they carry from other suppliers must meet specific standards for ecological and social conscience. Solay is dedicated to fair trade. They assist their supplier communities and local non-profit organizations and their salt crystals come from family-owned companies committed to fair trade and sustainable mining practices. Solay's flagship product is their salt lamp. Salt crystal lamps are natural air ionizers that can improve the quality of air in your room while enhancing wellness with an abundance of ions that help sleep, breathing, and immune functions. Their products are available for purchase online.

Aroma For Health

Aroma For Health is woman-owned and operated and offers a full line of aromatherapy natural skin care products that promote wellness, beauty, health, and sensuality. Their products are made from natural and botanical ingredients that are either organic or sustainably wildcrafted. Their products contain no artificial fragrances, gluten, petroleum, GMOs, petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates. Aroma For Health is a cooperative beehive and internet marketplace dedicated to individual and familial well-being with Eco-Feminism and Community Service as their foundation. Products sold online include body oils, bath oils, massage oils, face creams, moisturizers, perfumes, pure oils, and aroma sprays.

The Vegetarian Resource Group

The Vegetarian Resource Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and veganism and the related issues of health, nutrition, ecology, ethics, and world hunger. They publish The Vegetarian Journal and offer cookbooks, pamphlets, and article on vegetarian issues. The organization also assists businesses and individuals at schools and workplaces to develop nutrition-related publications and answer questions about vegetarian and vegan diets. Their website is full of information including free access to The Vegetarian Journal.

Real Goods - Off-The-Grid Supplies

Real Goods is the original purveyor of off-the-grid living supplies. The Real Goods Store is housed in the world's largest straw bale showroom. The 5,000 square foot space is passively cooled and heated, demonstrating the most effective techniques in sustainable design. Products available online include everything you could need for off-the-grid living such as solar panels, hydroelectric supplies, household goods, gardening supplies, and books to help get you started.

Mother Earth Living - Magazine

Mother Earth Living is a national natural wellness and conscientious living magazine dedicated to improving the lives of its readers through an increased connection with the natural world. From learning about the most nutritious foods to living in greater synergy with the changing seasons, Mother Earth Living a guide to living the good life — one of simple joys, holistic health, and an appreciation of everything nature provides.