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Upasana - Integral Design

Upasana is a place where creativity, fashion, design, Indian culture, business, social responsibility and spiritual progress are woven together. Their mission is to create conscious sustainable fashion without passing environmental costs on to the future. Upasana's work ranges from design and manufacturing of garments using a rich palette of traditional Indian textiles (organic cotton, silk from Benares etc.) to design consultancy, education and social development. It is a place where people are the central focus and all the projects, products and resources help people to grow and develop into their full radiance.

Omega Institute

Omega Institute is a nonprofit organization founded on the holistic worldview that the well-being of each of us is deeply connected to the well-being of all living things. Since 1977, Omega has offered educational experiences that inspire an integrated approach to personal and social change. The Omega Center for Sustainable Living demonstrates and teaches what is possible through regenerative design. Housed in the Eco Machine building, visitors and students can learn how to create a path toward a sustainable future. Omega also offers hundreds of workshops, conferences, and teacher training programs in the areas of body, mind, spirit, health, relationships, creative expression, leadership, and sustainable living.

Fellowship for Intentional Community

The Fellowship for Intentional Community is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting cooperative culture. Intentional communities are pioneers in sustainable living, cultural transformation, and peaceful social evolution. Intentional communities include ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, income-sharing communes, student co-ops, spiritual communities, and other projects where people live together on the basis of explicit common values. The Fellowship for Intentional Community promotes cooperative culture and sustainable living through their online Communities Directory that provides a way for you to find communities near you. They also publish Communities Magazine, provide an extensive online community bookstore, host events, and publish an online blog. Their goal is to provide information and inspiration for those seeking community, forming communities, or struggling with the challenges of community.

Findhorn - Ecological Community and Foundation

Findhorn is a spiritual community, ecovillage, and international center for holistic learning. As one of the largest and most successful intentional communities in the world, Findhorn has long been known for helping unfold a new human consciousness for creating a positive and sustainable future. The Findhorn Foundation offers a range of workshops and events at the Community. Some workshops specifically address sustainability. Findhorn's sustainable values are expressed through ecological houses, innovative use of building materials, their living sewage treatment facility, and electricity-generating wind turbines. Sustainable values are also expressed in the community’s social, economic, and educational initiatives. The Findhorn ecovillage is a model for the complex problem of how to transform human settlements into full-featured sustainable communities that are harmlessly integrated into the natural environment. The Findhorn community offers many ways for people to experience the community including seven-day introductions where visitors are introduced to the principles and activities on which the community is based.

Ayurda - Ayurvedic Skin Care Products

Ayurda offers 100% natural skin care products created from organic ingredients and formulated with Ayurvedic wisdom, including harvesting the force of vibrational energy and a coexistence with nature blessing. Ayurda products are developed with the simple Ayurvedic principle that nothing should be applied to the skin if it cannot be taken internally. Their products are ethically produced from responsibly wild crafted ingredients that are selected for specific healing properties. Ayurda follows traditional ancient methods of cultivation that consider the energy of the area in which the plant is grown and how the lifestyle of the people growing the herbs have impacted its growth.

MacroSun International - Fairtrade

MacroSun International provides unique, authentic pieces at prices fair to both artists and collectors. Their goal is to promote global peace by respecting our cultural differences and our common humanity -- by making individual connections heart-to-heart and family-to-family, not just nation-to-nation. MacroSun International has stores and online sales offering jewelry, apparel, artifacts, home decor, stationery, gifts, and sacred art from artisans of the Himalayas and beyond.

Sounds True - Publishing

Sounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company that embraces the world's major spiritual traditions, as well as the arts and humanities. They seek to publish audio and printed works by the leading authors, teachers, and visionary artists of our time and create products that not only provide information, but that also embody the essential quality of wisdom. Sounds True is committed to honoring the earth and community. They use 100% wind power in our offices and they publish their books, catalogs, and marketing materials on recycled paper. Sounds True also donates their products to libraries, charities, and prisoners. Audio products are available for download and their website features free downloads.