All in Sustainable Development

World Resources Institute

World Resources Institute is a global research organization dedicated to protecting the environment for current and future generations. Their main areas of focus are catalyzing a low-carbon economy, advancing clean energy, reducing the environmental impact of the world's food systems, reducing forest loss, mitigating global water risks, and scaling sustainable urban transport solutions. World Resources Institute takes action by partnering with governments and businesses. For example, last year World Resources Institute was instrumental in obtaining pledges to restore millions of acres of land in Latin American, getting commitments from 300 cities to take action to manage greenhouse gas emissions, and convincing 400 large companies to reduce food waste by 50%. World Resources Institute practices sustainability within their operations as well through sustainable investing, sustainable purchasing, and green office space. Their website is an excellent source for worldwide news about sustainability initiatives.

Calvert Foundation - Investing

Calvert Foundation enables people to invest for social good. Through the Community Investment Note, Calvert connects individual investors with organizations working around the globe, developing affordable housing, creating jobs, protecting the environment, and working in numerous other ways for the social good. Since 1995, more than 15,000 investors have invested more than $1 billion in Calvert's portfolio partners. Calvert Foundation is a Community Development Financial Institution, a type of financial institution providing community development financing and services to underserved communities in the US. Investors can get started with as little as $20 to invest.

Solar Electric Light Fund

The Solar Electric Light Fund is a non-profit organization that designs and implements solar energy-based solutions for those living without access to electricity. The Solar Electric Light Fund has installed over 550 solar energy systems in 16 countries. They are currently working on projects in Haiti, Benin, and Columbia. The organization relies on donations from individuals, companies, and public agencies.

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, provides a national forum for visionary local economy leaders and funders to connect and innovate. By connecting leaders, spreading solutions, and attracting investment toward local economies, BALLE advances the Localist Movement to create real prosperity for all. They envision a global system of interconnected local economies that function in harmony with local ecosystems to meet the basic needs of all people, support just and democratic societies, and foster joyful community life.

Sustainable Harvest International

Sustainable Harvest International is providing farming families in Central America with the training and tools to overcome poverty while restoring our planet's tropical forests. Sustainable Harvest International's local field trainers work with families, individuals, and communities for an average of five years, educating individuals and providing them with the training and tools necessary to become community leaders in sustainability.