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Polar Permaculture

Polar Permaculture is a grassroots company specializing in Permaculture-based food production for the arctic climate. They are based in Longyearbyen, Norway, the "northern most" city in the world. Longyearbyen has one of the highest CO2 outputs per capita in the world, and Polar Permaculture is actively working to make the place more sustainable. They have an indoor hydroponic garden, a mushroom garden, are composting with worms and are looking to make biogas and keep organic waste out of the sea. Polar Permaculture has been featured in several documentaries.

Well In Hand - Herbal Health

Well In Hand produces all natural and organic herbal health products and aromatherapy products that are made in small batches that are cruelty-free and certified vegan. Well In Hand strives for social and environmental sustainability. Their ingredients are harvested responsibly and they develop, produce, and package our product on site using reclaimed and recycled packing materials. The company composts all of their food waste. Well In Hand products available online include face and body care products as well as herbal remedies for acne, herpes, inflammation, insomnia, irritation, pain, warts, and yeast infections. 

Wunder Budder - Skin Care

Wunder Budder natural skin care products are handcrafted in New Hampshire. With a commitment to environmental and social responsibility, Wunder Budder packages products in glass bottles and aluminum tins instead of plastic bottles, they use 100% recycled materials for shipping, their lip balm tubes are made from recycled plastic, they compost waste, use non-toxic cleaning supplies, and offer support to charities. Wunder Budder products include their original balm for lips and hands along with lip balms, facial scrubs, toners, and aromatherapy sprays.

Sierra Nevada Brewing

In 1979, Ken Grossman started Sierra Nevada Brewing in Northern California. He pioneered small-scale brewing long before it became popular. Reduce, reuse, and recycle was his business model from the start. Today, Sierra Nevada Brewing has been recognized locally, statewide, and nationally for their accomplishments in reducing their environmental impact. Their sustainability efforts include all aspects of the company including reducing energy, recycling, composting, generating biodiesel fuel on site, water conservation, recycled and low material packaging, growing their own organic hops and barley, restoring nearby forests, and striving for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) in new building design. Sierra Nevada products are found throughout the U.S. at major retail locations.

Larry's Coffee

Larry's Coffee is committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees -- and making the world a better place. All of their coffee is Fair Trade, shade grown, and organic, and it is slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. Larry's facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize their impact. Larry's offers over 30 bends and single-origin coffees with online sales.

Untouched World - Clothing

Untouched World of New Zealand was recognized by the United Nations for sustainability. They offer ethical luxury fashion clothing including knitwear, sweaters, t-shirts, tanks, dresses, pants, coats, and accessories for men, women, and children. Untouched World looks at every aspect of their business with sustainability in mind, from sustainably grown fibers to GOTS certified organic dyes and water based prints, right through to how their team disposes of their banana skins after lunch. What they leave out of their garments is just as important as what goes in. Untouched World reviews the total product lifecycle to minimize water use and maximize recycling and waste recovery. They offer online sales with worldwide delivery. 

The Happy Worm Company

The folks at The Happy Worm Company love composting with worms. Their key objective is to provide you with the knowledge, materials, and worms to start your own vermicomposting project with a worm bin at home or at school. They offer a wide range of materials, supplies, and worms that ensure you will have a healthy worm habitat including everything you need to start your own worm bin right away.

Composting Council of Canada

The Composting Council of Canada is a national non-profit, member-driven organization with a charter to advocate and advance composting and compost usage. It serves as the central resource and network for the composting industry in Canada and, through its members, contributes to the environmental sustainability of the communities in which they operate.

Already Been Chewed Composting

Already Been Chewed Composting is a small worm farm in Colorado that provides information and products to help you create your own worm composting system. They even provide worms by the pound to help you get started. Vermiculture is the art of taking care of your worms with food, bedding, and an environment that helps them thrive. Everything that you read on starting a worm farm says to start small. That is good advice because your farm will not be small for long.