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Braga Organic Farms

Braga Organic Farms is the home of Mike and Julie Braga and sons in Madera, California. They offer organic fruit and nuts shipped directly from their farm. All products from Braga Organic Farms are certified organic, GMO-free, peanut-free, and gluten-free. Their processing facility is 80% solar-powered and their product bags are made of rice paper. In addition to growing trees, the Braga's harvest, hand sort, roast, and box their products. Their nuts are dry roasted in small batches with or without sea salt. Every order is packed and shipped directly from the farm, guaranteeing the freshest product available. The main crop at Braga Farms is pistachio, but you can order a variety of other nuts, seeds, and dried fruits that they offer from nearby farms. Some of the products offered include almonds, cashews, pecans, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cranberries, raisins, and trail mixes.

The Honest Kitchen - Organic Pet Food

The Honest Kitchen produces dog and cat food that is made from the same fresh meats, fish, and produce you might find at your local farmer’s market. In fact, Honest Kitchen pet food is literally fit for human consumption. Their pet foods are minimally processed and gently dehydrated to preserve quality. You just add warm water and serve. The Honest Kitchen's pet foods are made with 100% organic grains that are non-GMO. Their chicken is 100% free-range, antibiotic-free, and they use cage-free turkey and wild-caught fish that is MSC-certified. The Honest Kitchen cares as much about how they do business as they do about producing healthy pet food. Their finished products are concentrated and lightweight which cuts down on the energy used in transport. Their packaging is made from recycled or sustainably harvested SFI-certified fiber and it is printed with vegetable inks. The packaging is also BPA-free because BPA has been linked with hyperthyroidism in cats. The Honest Kitchen conserves energy by using energy efficient equipment and lighting plus they provide bicycles for employee transportation. All of The Honest Kitchen's dog and cat foods can be ordered online. 

Cooper Mountain Wines

Cooper Mountain Wines farms over 100 acres to grow five varietals. They are committed to sustainability through organic, biodynamic, and dry farming. Cooper Mountain Wines contain no genetically modified organisms. They adhere to the organic label by ensuring that total sulfites are under 100ppm’s (50 % less than conventional wines), all ingredients are certified organic, all products used for cleaning inside the winery are not harmful to humans, and iodine and chlorine are strictly prohibited. Their wines are available for purchase online.

Amy's Kitchen

Amy's Kitchen is a family business that is totally committed to producing truly delicious, easily prepared vegetarian meals made with natural and organic ingredients. Products are available in all major grocery stores and online. Amy’s has created over 250 frozen meals, including pizzas, pocket sandwiches, pot pies, entrées, snacks and whole meals. They also have a grocery line that includes canned soups, beans, chili, pasta sauces, and salsas. Amy's requires that all of the suppliers adhere to their code of conduct and Amy’s uses organic vegetables, grains and beans whenever they are commercially available.  All of Amy’s products comply with the National Organic Program requirements that ingredients and products not be irradiated and not contain GMOs.

Golden Moon Tea

Golden Moon Tea was founded in 1993 with the belief that tea is so much more than just a healthy, refreshing, good tasting drink. Golden Moon crafts and tests each tea and blend repeatedly to ensure the best flavor and balance possible. They use only the freshest, highest quality, whole leaf teas from tea gardens of proven quality. Marcus Stout, the owner of Golden Moon Tea was shocked to discover that most teas have many hidden toxins and chemicals resulting from how each tea is grown, flavored, packaged, and stored. Marcus vowed to ensure that every one of Golden Moon Tea’s offerings is pure and free from all chemicals, toxins, pesticides, GMOs, plastic lined teabags, and flavor sprays. Golden Moon offers a huge selection of pure black, green, oolong, and herbal teas from around the world.

Rawganique - Organic and Sweatshop Free

Rawganique manufactures their own line of unique organic cotton, hemp, and linen clothing, footwear, and household products. Their clothing line is extensive and includes tops, bottoms, t-shirts, underwear, dresses, sleepwear. Household products include sheets, comforters, pillows, towels, curtains, rugs, and rope. They grow, weave, knit, and sew for true purity and environmental sustainability. Rawganique uses organically grown USA & European natural fibers with no pesticides and no GMO. Their products are hand-crafted on a small scale in the USA, Canada, & Europe and are not grown or made in China or India. The folks at Rawganique have homesteaded off the grid on Denman Island since 1997. They eat vegan organic foods from their organic gardens year-round.

Candle Creations - Candle Making Supplies

Candle Creations is committed to sustainable business through sourcing candle making materials that are economically viable, socially acceptable and environmentally sound. Their soy wax candles are completely natural vegetable wax made from a renewable source. They contain no GMO material, paraffin, or unnatural additives, and are nontoxic & Kosher certified. New Zealand.