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Ninoshka - Fashion with a Conscience

Ninoshka is a sustainable fashion brand by designer Ninoshka Alvares-Delaney. Produced in India, her products are available worldwide through several online retailers. All of Ninoshka’s products are made from natural and organic material. She uses natural dyes including indigo, pomegranate, marigold, onion peels, and coconut. Embroidery is done by rural Indian artisans and Ninoshka works with handloom weavers from across India. By working with rural artisans, not only does she create employment opportunities, but also makes sure that the artisans she works with receive fair wages. Ninoshka practices the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle philosophy. She reduces waste and the use of resources by creating minimalistic styles and up-cycled fashion. Some of her designs are constructed in a single stitch line, while others can be reused by wearing a garment inside-out or in multiple ways.

Felvarrom - Upcycled Products

Felvarrom collects thrown-out bicycle parts from individuals and bicycle stores and turns them into attractive belts, bags, coin purses, and wallets. Any scraps that can't be used are taken to the local recycling facility. All of Felvarrom's manufacturing and cleaning processes are eco-friendly. Located in Budapest Hungary, Felvarrom offers free worldwide delivery on every order with no hidden costs. You can return any product for a refund if not satisfied. Every year, Felvarrom keeps thousands of bicycle innertubes, tires, and metal parts out of the landfill.

Garthenor - Organic Wool Knitting Yarn

Garthenor’s mission is to provide sustainable, organic, and British wool products in an ecologically responsible way. Garthenor produces beautiful certified organic wool yarn, fleece, and bespoke (custom made (bespoke) knitwear. Garthenor raises sheep on their own farm and they buy raw fleeces directly from UK farmers. All of their wool products are fully traceable to the farm of origin. Garthenor was the first company in the world to produce and sell certified organic yarns. Their sustainability goals include reducing energy use, reducing waste, promoting conservation, and inspiring others to act. Garthenor measures the direct and indirect environmental impact of their operations and actively develops solutions for reducing those impacts. Garthenor's wool is available in a wide array of beautiful natural colors and it can be purchased online with worldwide shipping.

Sleep & Beyond

Sleep & Beyond is a family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding with fair trade and sustainable factories located in Kyrgyzstan, India, and China. Their mission is to create an inspirational, sustainable, and educational system that will benefit people without harming the planet. Sleep & Beyond makes their products from organic Merino wool, natural Shropshire wool, and organic and natural cotton. They raise their own Merino sheep in the mountains of Kyrgyz Republic, which produce superfine organic wool. Sleep & Beyond is a fair trade employer who pays fair wages to their factory workers, provides great working conditions, and never employs children. Their products are tested to be free of arsenic, VOC’s, and other carcinogenic chemicals that are used in most conventional bedding products. Sleep & Beyond adheres to the most stringent certifications of USDA Organic, Oeko TEX, Woolmark, and GOTS to back up their “100% natural” and “100% organic” statements. You can purchase Sleep & Beyond pillows, comforters, sheets, blankets, mattress pads, and mattress toppers online with free shipping for U.S. orders and eco-friendly packaging.


Ecowool has been providing quality sheepskin rugs, boots, and slippers along with wool clothing and bedding to customers worldwide for over 20 years. Their environmentally friendly products are made from pure New Zealand wool that is grown in unpolluted alpine pastures. Ecowool's sheepskin rugs are not tanned using harsh chemicals like arsenic and formaldehyde. They are trimmed, machined, washed, left to dry in the sun, and finally combed over and over by hand. Ecowool offers free worldwide shipping in the currency of your choice.

Chelsea Green Publishing

Chelsea Green Publishing is a leading publisher of books on sustainable living, giving readers hands-on information related to organic farming, gardening, permaculture, ecology, the environment, simple living, food, sustainable business, and green building. Chelsea Green is an employee-owned independent publisher based in Vermont. Their purpose is to reverse the destruction of the natural world by challenging the beliefs and practices that are enabling this destruction and by providing inspirational and practical alternatives that promote sustainable living. They seek to reduce the ecological footprint of their publishing by printing on chlorine-free recycled paper, using soy-based inks whenever possible and using printers from North America to reduce the energy used in shipping. Chelsea Green includes an environmental impact statement in each book, identifying how may trees and how much wastewater, solid waste, and greenhouse gasses were conserved by using greener standards.

Maple Landmark - Wooden Toys

Maple Landmark manufactures wooden toys like building blocks, ABC blocks, cars, trucks, puzzles, rattles, rocking horses, trains (including their well known Name Trains), and wooden board games. Located in Vermont, Maple Landmark's 40 employees produce all of the products themselves from locally harvested wood. Most of the lumber comes from a forest nine miles from their shop. Part of Maple Landmark's mission statement is to practice good stewardship of the environment. They strive to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle, and they strive to use suppliers who meet the same standard they set for themselves. Their sawdust is reused by local farmers for cattle bedding and wood scraps are available for local residents to use for kindling. Maple Landmark uses reclaimed packing and shipping materials and they accept waste packaging, magazines, and junk mail from the community to shred for packing material. Recycling has become a way of life for the employees at Maple Landmark. The company's products are sold to thousands of toy stores, gift shops, and catalogs plus all of their products are available for purchase online.

Freyja Canada - Wool Clothing

Freyja Canada manufacturs 100% natural Icelandic wool sweaters, hats, mittens, and scarves. Their products are made according to traditional Icelandic patterns and designs. The Vikings first brought sheep to Iceland 1100 years ago. There, the stock bred in isolation for centuries, adapting to the harsh climate of the Arctic Circle. Freyja yarn is made up of the two layers of wool from these Islandic sheep. The outer layer repels water and the inner layer insulates. By combining the correct ratio of these two layers they produce a unique dense yarn that is lighter and stronger than other fibers. Every step in the production process of Icelandic wool is environmentally sustainable. The mills are exclusively powered by geothermal and hydroelectric energy and chemical use in cleaning and dyeing is minimized to protect the inherent properties of the wool. The Icelandic yarn used by Freyja is manufactured by Istex, who purchases wool directly from farmers in Iceland. Freyja products can be ordered online and they offer a low fixed rate shipping charge to Canada and the U.S. with worldwide shipping available.

BBB Seeds - Heirloom Vegetable and Wildflower Seeds

Beauty Beyond Belief Seeds is a small family-owned company based in Colorado that specializes in the distribution of wildflower seeds, heirloom vegetable seeds, and native grasses, in small and bulk quantities. You can ask their experts about site preparation, seeding rates, selection of the proper species, and maintenance of grass and wildflower plots. BBB only purchases seed that has a noxious weed content of zero and they carefully follow the ever-expanding list of noxious and invasive species lists to ensure that they don’t knowingly distribute varieties to areas where they might be considered invasive. BBB Seeds sells their seeds online and you can select the best varieties or mixes for your region. In addition, they produce a variety natural handcrafted soaps, gift baskets, and greeting cards.

Baabaazuzu - Upcycled Clothing

Baabaazuzu produces men's and women's jackets, vests, hats, scarves, mittens, purses, bags, throws, and christmas stockings all handcrafted from 100% vintage materials that are reclaimed and transformed into a beautiful wearable. No two pieces of Baabaazuzu are ever alike. Upcycling is even more eco-conscious than recycling because the materials do not have to be remanufactured. Even the buttons, zippers and other embellishments found on the old clothing is removed and reused in the final designed products. Baabaazuzu switched to high-efficiency laundry machines designed to use less energy use and water. All the garments are washed with a local-made soap that is biodegradable and uses no bleach or phosphates. Baabaazuzu also reuses cardboard shipping boxes, uses sustainably-sourced office supplies, and recycles paper and other office waste. Located in northern Michigan, Baabaazuzu offers online sales.

Big Dipper Wax Works

Big Dipper Wax Works is committed to creating products and working conditions that contribute to the health of the community and the planet. They always use natural biodegradable ingredients including locally sourced 100% beeswax, pure essential oils, and 100% cotton wicks. Big Dipper uses minimal packaging, they reuse packing materials, and they use post-consumer recycled paper. The company recycles their own paper, cardboard, aluminum, and glass. To reduce waste further, Big Dipper sells bulk refills for many of their products. Big Dipper strives to use local suppliers when possible and they support a variety of organizations that are working to sustain a healthy beekeeping community. Big Dipper Wax Works sells their products online and they include a wide variety of beeswax candles, bulk beeswax, beeswax based lip and body balms, and candle holders.

VivaTerra - Furniture and Home Decor

VivaTerra offers globally-inspired goods created with sustainability and integrity in mind. They support non-profit and fair trade organizations to ensure artisans see fair wages, healthy working conditions, and sustainable development for their communities. Viva Terra uses FSC-certified or reclaimed wood, recycled glass, vintage fabrics, or salvaged metal to produce many of their products. They produce products without chemicals and their fabrics use natural dyes. In addition to fair trade imports, VivaTerra strives to support local artisans. Their product line covers a wide range of household items including home decor, pillows, rugs, mirrors, vases, beds, sofas, chairs, tables, dinnerware, cookware, bedding, apparel, jewelry, planters, potted plants, and gifts.

Shepherd's Dream - Wool Mattresses and Bedding

Shepherd's Dream produces chemical-free wool mattresses, wool mattress toppers, wool comforters, wool pillows and wooden bed frames. Every item is hand-made in their northern California workshop. Shepherd's Dream strives to produce products that will last a lifetime. Rather than support a disposable culture, they even offer re-furbishing of your products should the need arrise. Shepherd's Dream uses wool that is grown and processed in the USA without toxic chemicals or flame retardants. Their Eco Wool is from local flocks of sheep that are raised following specific criteria that ensures top quality wool and the batting is converted at a carding mill located down the road from Shepherd’s Dream. Although Eco Wool is not certified organic, the local sourcing, sustainable production standards, and exceptional quality makes it the top choice for Shepherd's Dream. Products may be ordered online and are promptly made to order and shipped to any location.

PJs Sleep Company

PJs Sleep Company is a woman owned business offering a complete line of certified organic sheets, mattresses, mattress toppers, sleepwear, shams, robes, blankets, duvets, bath accessories and baby products. Their organic mattresses are made from certified organic cotton, wool, and latex. The components are hypoallergenic and their organic latex keeps its shape and firmness far longer than conventional memory foam. PJs environmental commitment includes using recycled packaging, recycling all used mattresses, supporting many local producers, and requesting environmental policies from every supplier. PJ's is located in Los Angeles and they ship throughout the U.S. with fixed rate shipping charges.

Vermont Woods Studios

Vermont Woods Studios is a collection of furniture makers who work independently from small studios & workshops scattered across the state of Vermont. Together, they produce American-made furniture crafted with eco-friendly solid hardwoods. Vermont Woods Studios strives to source their hardwoods within 500 miles of the studios. This reduces carbon emissions from transportation and ensures that the wood comes from well-managed forests. They use FSC certified lumber or some of the artisans selectively harvest lumber from their own property. All of the products are finished with traditional oil and wax or finishes that are non-toxic, formaldehyde-free, and with little or no volatile organic chemicals. Vermont Woods Studios has a long list of sustainable business practices that they adhere to including regularly asking for chain of custody documents (legal logging certifications) before buying wood products. They use recycled or recyclable packaging materials and have a carton return/reuse policy.

The Futon Shop - Mattresses and Furniture

The Futon Shop manufactures organic chemical-free futons, mattresses, futon covers, futon frames, and pillows. Their eco-friendly ingredients are sourced locally either directly from the farmer or through brokers who share a concern for the environment. The Futon Shop is commitment using eco-friendly ingredients like organic cotton, humanely harvested wool, chemical-free natural latex, and recycled steel coils. The Forest Steward Council certifies that the wood used for in their bed frames is harvested in ways that protect the natural forest with sustainable forest management. Manufactured in San Francisco, The Futon Shop has easy online ordering allowing you to select from a wide variety of mattress materials and sizes. Shipping is available throughout the U.S. and other countries and shipping quotes are provided online.

Natures Sway - Baby Slings and Hammocks

Natures Sway baby slings, carriers, and hammocks are made from natural materials including hemp, organic cotton, cotton calico, and wool. Their products undergo stringent quality control processes for strength, quality, comfort, and purity, including being allergy free. Natures Sway strives to support local business and contribute to the local economy. Located in New Zealand, Natures Sway ships worldwide.

Organic Caboose - Baby Diapers and Accessories

Organic Caboose offers a full line of organic cloth baby diapers, covers, sleep sacks, mattress covers, and blankets. Their organic materials include bamboo, organic cotton fleece, flannel, eco-fleece, and wool. Organic Caboose's diaper line includes several styles of organic cotton cloth diapers, natural pre-folded cloth diapers, and a selection of cloth diaper covers. All Organic Caboose products are cruelty-free and they support local artisans and communities when possible. 

Vermont Soap

Vermont Soap produces certified organic alternatives to chemical and detergent based personal care products. They manufacture handmade cold process bar soaps, liquid soaps for skin and cleaning, organic shower gels, organic nontoxic cleaners, and pet shampoo. Vermont Soap considers the environmental impact of every raw material and ingredient and the same goes for packaging. Most Vermont Soap products are certified to USDA organic food standards and they choose local ingredients whenever possible. Vermont Soap decided to invest in high-efficiency electric steam boilers powered by local hydropower rather than the cheaper option of using natural gas from fracking.

Summit Soap

Summit Soap uses natural, responsibly-sourced ingredients like Colorado beeswax, fair-trade shea butter, certified organic oils, and local vegetable oils. They also are particular about what they leave out. Summit Soap products contain no synthetic fragrance, sulfates, phosphates, parabens, or petrochemicals. Most ingredients are sourced locally in Colorado, and everything they create is completely biodegradable. Summit Soap strives to be a community-driven company. They engage with individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and other groups to promote and educate about the benefits of responsible manufacturing and buying local. Summit Soap products are available online and include handmade bar soap, liquid soap, foaming soap, body butter, shampoo, lip balm, and shaving soap.