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Arcadia Power - Renewable Energy

Arcadia Power purchases Renewable Energy Certificates on your behalf to allow you to easily match your power use with renewable energy production. Wind farms rely on the revenue from Renewable Energy Certificates to offer energy at a price that is competitive with fossil fuels. By purchasing the Certificates, you are increasing demand for clean energy and providing revenue to wind farms. This helps expand access and availability, helps the environment, and reduces reliance on fossil fuels - without having to install and maintain your own equipment. Once you sign up with Arcadia Power, they will monitor your monthly electricity usage and match it with energy produced by a wind farm. You can view and track your usage online. It is very simple to sign up for the service and you can even select a free plan providing a partial offset for your energy use. Arcadia Power works with power companies in all 50 states and their service is available to renters and homeowners.

Rock/Creek - Outdoor Gear

Rock/Creek's mission is to provide products that keep you safe and comfortable in the outdoors while being committed to leadership in environmental stewardship and improving access for outdoor recreation. Rock/Creek funds charitable foundations including the Southeastern Climbers Coalition, the Access Fund, the Cumberland Trail Conference, and the Lula Lake Land Trust and they help raise money for environmental initiatives. Recent funding projects include trail construction, land purchases, and parking and campsite construction for trail access. 

Rock/Creek participates in the Chaco shoe recycling program and Patagonia's recycling program to reduce waste and distribute clothing to people in need. 100% of the power used by Rock/Creek is offset by certified natural wind power and the company strives to conserve energy and offset their carbon footprint. Rock/Creek strives to eliminate waste in their daily operations by using low waste packaging and moving to a paperless warehouse fulfillment system. 

Rock/Creek offers an extensive collection of outdoor products including men's and women's jackets, sweaters, shirts, pants, base layers, and footwear, plus a complete selection of gear for backpacking, camping, climbing, kayaking, running, and travel. Located in Tennessee, their products are available online.

North Star Toys

North Star Toys is a family business that has been making quality, non-toxic, wooden toys since 1979.  Every toy they offer is made by hand in their workshop in New Mexico. Environmental sustainability is top priority for North Star Toys. They recycle their paper, use recycled packaging, print on recycled paper, reuse waste sawdust for chickens, donate wood scraps to schools, only use sustainably managed American hardwoods, use food grade non-toxic oils for finishing, and 100 percent of the electricity that runs their workshop comes from wind and solar energy. North Star Toys are CPSIA compliant for product safety. North Star Toys are available for purchase online and their selection includes wooden cars, trains, animals, boats, and pull toys.

Freyja Canada - Wool Clothing

Freyja Canada manufacturs 100% natural Icelandic wool sweaters, hats, mittens, and scarves. Their products are made according to traditional Icelandic patterns and designs. The Vikings first brought sheep to Iceland 1100 years ago. There, the stock bred in isolation for centuries, adapting to the harsh climate of the Arctic Circle. Freyja yarn is made up of the two layers of wool from these Islandic sheep. The outer layer repels water and the inner layer insulates. By combining the correct ratio of these two layers they produce a unique dense yarn that is lighter and stronger than other fibers. Every step in the production process of Icelandic wool is environmentally sustainable. The mills are exclusively powered by geothermal and hydroelectric energy and chemical use in cleaning and dyeing is minimized to protect the inherent properties of the wool. The Icelandic yarn used by Freyja is manufactured by Istex, who purchases wool directly from farmers in Iceland. Freyja products can be ordered online and they offer a low fixed rate shipping charge to Canada and the U.S. with worldwide shipping available.

Sierra Trading Post - Discounted Outdoor Gear

Sierra Trading Post is a huge outdoor gear store that carries hundreds of major brands of outdoor gear at discounted prices. Over the years, Sierra Trading Post has sold more than 640,000 backpacks and 2,600,000 merino wool socks. They offer organic cotton clothing, wool shirts, and a wide range of men's clothing, women's clothing, underwear, hats, gloves, sweaters, shoes, outdoor gear, pet supplies, luggage, bed & bath, and household supplies. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours. Sierra Trading Post is part of The TJX Companies and they practice a wide range of sustainability initiatives including energy efficiency, waste reduction, inhouse recycling, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for one of their home office buildings, carbon offsets, solar and geothermal technologies on some buildings, and they hae begun testing alternative fuel vehicles for distribution. TJX is also committed to causes that help support families and children.

CozyPure - Bedding and Mattresses

CozyPure manufactures organic mattresses and organic bedding products made-to-order in Norfolk, Virginia. Their latex mattresses are custom-made from organic cotton, wool, and natural latex rubber and contain no toxic chemicals. Founded in 1990, CozyPure was the first company in America to offer natural organic mattresses and organic bedding  nationwide. CozyPure uses 100% on-site renewable wind, solar, and geothermal energy to operate their factory and 70% of their raw materials come from producers who also use solar energy. CozyPure's shipping boxes are made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. CozyPure also produces wool mattress pads, latex mattress toppers, wool comforters, organic cotton blankets, latex pillows, wool pillows, organic cotton pillows, organic cotton sheets, crib mattresses, baby bedding. All products are available online.

Bee Hive Candles

Bee Hive Candles makes every candle by hand using only all natural, renewable resources like pure beeswax and an all cotton wick so you will be certain you are burning a candle that's safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The Bee Hive Candle workshop is 100% powered by sustainable Green Power. Bee Hive Candles uses 100% pure beeswax with no filler or additives from beekeepers in the USA. Many candles sold as beeswax are not 100% pure beeswax. Their products are hand poured and finished. Bee Hive Candles keeps their labeling and packaging material to a minimum. All candle labels are printed on recycled paper using soy or vegetable inks. They reuse packaging and purchase recycled boxes. The company donates to organizations helping people who are less fortunate or in need of help. Bee Hive Candles is located in Washington and their products are available for purchase online with a low fixed shipping cost.

Tilonia Artisans of India

Based in Tilonia, India, Tilonia's online store is operated in partnership with the Friends of Tilonia by Barefoot College. They feature a variety of handcrafted accent pillows, bed spreads, quilts, throws, duvet covers, scarves, and table linens. All products are produced by artisans in rural communites using traditional methods. The fabric offerings are produce by more than 350 families of weavers, spinners and knitters near Tripuradevi, a village the Kumaon Himalayas.  They are handspun from Tibetan sheep wool and pure silk using solar powered spinning wheels in some of the unelectrified villages. The online store helps Barefoot College address basic needs of the rural poor by creating local advocates for rainwater harvesting, clean energy, girls' education, and economic opportunities for rural women. They develop direct sales and marketing channels for the artisans of Tilonia in the U.S and abroad. Training and materials provided by the College enable women from traditional communities to work from home, helping them to generate income from their needlework or sewing.

Foam Order - Mattresses and Furnishings

Foam Order is a family-owned business with a commitment to sustainable and healthy products. They specialize in custom foam products and natural latex foam. Most mattresses are made using polyurethane foam and memory foam made from petrochemicals that will off-gas while you are sleeping. Foam Order mattresses and mattress toppers are made from organic cotton, organic wool, and certified 100% natural latex foam from the rubber tree. Foam Order sends their scraps to be recycled into carpet pads and they converted their manufacturing facility to run on solar power. Foam Order will also produce custom pillows, bench cushions, and other foam products from organic materials and they can be easily ordered on their website. They offer free shipping, free 90-day trials, and split comfort mattresses with different firmness choices on each side.

Baby Wit - Baby Clothes

Baby Wit produces an eco-friendly line of infant and toddler clothing some of which is made form organic cotton. It is hand printed using non-toxic water based inks. Everything is cut, sewn and printed in Portland, OR by this woman-owned company that is committed to sustainable business practices. Baby Wit is committed to recycling, waste prevention, and buying recycled products. Their promotional material is printed on recycled paper using vegetable inks and they purchase electricity from renewable sources. Baby Wit products available online include baby clothes, toddler tees, and wondersuits.

Boogaloo Bubbywear - Earth Friendly Clothing

Boogaloo Bubbywear offers organic baby clothes that are designed & hand-printed in Canada with worldwide shipping through Etsy. Boogaloo's baby apparel is made from 100% certified organic cotton and their up-cycled clothing line does use any new woven materials. Boogaloo Bubbywear's website is hosted using renewable energy and they use recycled paper for product tags and office use. Shipping materials are either reused or recycled.

Vermont Soap

Vermont Soap produces certified organic alternatives to chemical and detergent based personal care products. They manufacture handmade cold process bar soaps, liquid soaps for skin and cleaning, organic shower gels, organic nontoxic cleaners, and pet shampoo. Vermont Soap considers the environmental impact of every raw material and ingredient and the same goes for packaging. Most Vermont Soap products are certified to USDA organic food standards and they choose local ingredients whenever possible. Vermont Soap decided to invest in high-efficiency electric steam boilers powered by local hydropower rather than the cheaper option of using natural gas from fracking.

Juice Beauty - Organic Skin Care

Juice Beauty is a USDA organic approved, all natural beauty company that uses solar energy and works with local organic farmers in California to produce their ingredients. Skin can absorb up to 60% of what is placed on it, and Juice Beauty takes every precaution to eliminate toxins from their products. Juice Beauty believes that staying local and harnessing sustainable energy is better for our community and our planet. Juice Beauty’s products start with an organic juice base (aloe, jojoba, grape seed, shea, and citrus juices). They have no petroleum glycols or added water, so their products are rich with nutrients and antioxidant. Juice Beauty products can be purchased online and the product line includes moisturizers, eye care, cleansers, masks, hand lotion, lip moisturizers, and sunscreen.

Frey Vineyards - Organic Wine

For over 30 years, Frey Vineyards has been crafting wine without added sulfites, a synthetic preservative added to most wines (even organic wines) that can cause adverse allergic reactions in some people. Frey's organic and biodynamic farming methods encourage care for the soil, groundwater, and wildlife, promoting rich biodiversity in the vineyard. Ninety percent of their land is held as unspoiled natural habitat with a diverse mix of native plants and animals. As stewards of the land, Frey emphasizes producing organic and biodynamic wine of the highest quality while caring for the planet. Frey uses a solar array to power their equipment and building, and a solar water heating system is in the works. They use recycled office and label paper and engage in tree planting and forest protection in the surrounding area. Frey is located in the Russian River Valley of Northern California and they offer online sales.

HimalaSalt-Sustainable Sourcing

HimalaSalt is pure salt, created 250 million years ago and protected in a remote, pristine land. Himala Salt is Green-e Certified, made by 100% wind and solar power, unrefined, additive-free, and sold in eco-friendly packaging. 5% of HimalaSalt profits go to environmental causes and source communities. HimalaSalt is processed in a facility that is 100% powered by onsite solar panels and uses no chemicals in the cleaning and processing process. The people at HimalaSalt strive to create a culture of compassion, humanity, and sustainability. They offer a wide variety of salt options online.

Larry's Coffee

Larry's Coffee is committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees -- and making the world a better place. All of their coffee is Fair Trade, shade grown, and organic, and it is slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. Larry's facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize their impact. Larry's offers over 30 bends and single-origin coffees with online sales.

Guayaki Yerba Mate

Guayaki Yerba Mate is the best-selling Yerba Mate tea in America. Guayaki is certified organic and shade grown for potency, vitality, clarity and well-being. Guayaki Yerba Mate is fairly traded in support of local small farmers and indigenous communities. Since the birth of Guayaki in 1996, Sustainability has been a driving force in the company. From seed to shelf, Guayaki takes into consideration the social, environmental, cultural, and economic sustainability of their products, including growing practices, supplier relationships, product packaging, and life cycle. Guayakí is the only mate company that is both certified organic and certified Fair Trade. The company also uses recycled packaging materials and paper supplies and maintains a chemical-free facility that is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Sounds True - Publishing

Sounds True is an independent multimedia publishing company that embraces the world's major spiritual traditions, as well as the arts and humanities. They seek to publish audio and printed works by the leading authors, teachers, and visionary artists of our time and create products that not only provide information, but that also embody the essential quality of wisdom. Sounds True is committed to honoring the earth and community. They use 100% wind power in our offices and they publish their books, catalogs, and marketing materials on recycled paper. Sounds True also donates their products to libraries, charities, and prisoners. Audio products are available for download and their website features free downloads.

Solar Flair Lighting

Solar Flair Lighting offers a wide range of outdoor solar products including solar flashlights, street lights, garden lights, shed lights, security lights, water pumps, and street lights. The benefits of solar lighting include easy installation, lower utility bills, reduced environmental impact. Solar Flair Lighting has been selling quality lights and garden products since 2010. They take pride in their product selection and seek to provide information and education for customers interested in solar products.

Real Goods - Off-The-Grid Supplies

Real Goods is the original purveyor of off-the-grid living supplies. The Real Goods Store is housed in the world's largest straw bale showroom. The 5,000 square foot space is passively cooled and heated, demonstrating the most effective techniques in sustainable design. Products available online include everything you could need for off-the-grid living such as solar panels, hydroelectric supplies, household goods, gardening supplies, and books to help get you started.