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Corkor - Vegan Handbags and Wallets

Corkor is a 100% vegan and eco-friendly producer of cork wallets and handbags. All of the cork used to make their bags and accessories is harvested from FSC certified forests -- complying with strict environmental, social, and economic standards. The cork forests are managed in a way that ensures local communities are respected, endangered habitats protected, and workers are properly paid. Only the bark is removed to obtain the cork used in Corkor's products. The trees continue living for up to 300 years. All of Corkor's products are PETA Approved 100% animal free including all aspects of production. Corkor owns its workshop, so all of their products are made from start to finish in their own facilities where artisans have safe working conditions and fair salaries. Their products include premium vegan briefcases, clutches, body bags, messenger bags, passport cases, satchels, tote bags, and wallets. Corkor products may be ordered online with free worldwide shipping available.

EcoloBlue - Making Water From Air

EcoloBlue produces atmospheric water generators that extract pure drinking water from the air. Their portable generators reduce the need for plastic storage bottles and the water produced from their units is free of harmful chemicals, surpassing the quality of many municipal water supplies. EcoloBlue seeks to provide limitless, sustainable water for nearly any location. Power for the generators can be from any source, including solar or wind. They currently sell water generators for home, office, or commercial use.

North Star Toys

North Star Toys is a family business that has been making quality, non-toxic, wooden toys since 1979.  Every toy they offer is made by hand in their workshop in New Mexico. Environmental sustainability is top priority for North Star Toys. They recycle their paper, use recycled packaging, print on recycled paper, reuse waste sawdust for chickens, donate wood scraps to schools, only use sustainably managed American hardwoods, use food grade non-toxic oils for finishing, and 100 percent of the electricity that runs their workshop comes from wind and solar energy. North Star Toys are CPSIA compliant for product safety. North Star Toys are available for purchase online and their selection includes wooden cars, trains, animals, boats, and pull toys.

Maple Landmark - Wooden Toys

Maple Landmark manufactures wooden toys like building blocks, ABC blocks, cars, trucks, puzzles, rattles, rocking horses, trains (including their well known Name Trains), and wooden board games. Located in Vermont, Maple Landmark's 40 employees produce all of the products themselves from locally harvested wood. Most of the lumber comes from a forest nine miles from their shop. Part of Maple Landmark's mission statement is to practice good stewardship of the environment. They strive to reduce waste, reuse, and recycle, and they strive to use suppliers who meet the same standard they set for themselves. Their sawdust is reused by local farmers for cattle bedding and wood scraps are available for local residents to use for kindling. Maple Landmark uses reclaimed packing and shipping materials and they accept waste packaging, magazines, and junk mail from the community to shred for packing material. Recycling has become a way of life for the employees at Maple Landmark. The company's products are sold to thousands of toy stores, gift shops, and catalogs plus all of their products are available for purchase online.

Bluecorn Naturals - Beeswax Candles

Bluecorn Naturals is a small company in Colorado dedicated to producing the pure beeswax candles and organic body products from pure renewable beeswax and soy wax. Bluecorn Naturals believes that by focusing first on creating a healthy workplace and happy workers, quality and success will follow. They have been making pure beeswax candles since 1991. Their candles, lotion, aromatherapy candles, and soap are available for purchase online.

Bee Hive Candles

Bee Hive Candles makes every candle by hand using only all natural, renewable resources like pure beeswax and an all cotton wick so you will be certain you are burning a candle that's safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. The Bee Hive Candle workshop is 100% powered by sustainable Green Power. Bee Hive Candles uses 100% pure beeswax with no filler or additives from beekeepers in the USA. Many candles sold as beeswax are not 100% pure beeswax. Their products are hand poured and finished. Bee Hive Candles keeps their labeling and packaging material to a minimum. All candle labels are printed on recycled paper using soy or vegetable inks. They reuse packaging and purchase recycled boxes. The company donates to organizations helping people who are less fortunate or in need of help. Bee Hive Candles is located in Washington and their products are available for purchase online with a low fixed shipping cost.

Loom & Leaf - Natural Mattresses

Loom & Leaf produces memory foam mattresses made from American-made plant-based foams, organic cotton covers, and natural thistle flame retardants. Loom & Leaf is committed to a smaller carbon footprint and they are members of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Loom & Leaf memory foam is made from renewable plant oils, reducing the greenhouse gasses normally created in foam manufacturing. The foams are sourced in the US and are stable with no off-gassing in your home. They are low emission VOCs, with no mercury, lead or heavy metals. Loom & Leaf operates virtually paperless and they seek suppliers who are committed to the environment. Their mattresses can be ordered online and shipped to most homes in the U.S. and they will even pick up your old mattress for you.

Ecoleeko - Baby Toys and Dolls

Ecoleeko baby products are completely free of plastic materials and very child-friendly. They produce handmade plush dolls, soft baby rattles, and bath buddy mittens all from hand dyed and printed organic cotton blends natural fillings like kapok fiber and buckwheat hulls. Every item is sewn with organic cotton thread. A lot of thought and work went into creating so many plastic-free baby products. Ecoleeko also uses 100% recycled paper for office, tags, gift wrap, and packaging. Their products are available for purchase online.

Repurpose - Compostable Food Packaging

Repurpose products include insulated hot cups and cold cups, plates, and utensils. They are all made from plants, not petroleum which means they break down in a matter of months. Repurpose products are BPA free, non-toxic and require less C02 to produce. Their mission is to reduce plastics in the environment and offer high quality, durable, renewable alternatives. Repurpose products are available online and at many leading food stores.

World Centric: Compostable and Recycled Paper

World Centric is a non-profit organization with the mission to reduce economic injustice and environmental degradation through education, community networks & sustainable enterprises. They offer a line of compostabl foodservice products. World Centric strives to offer products that reduce pollution and waste, require less energy and water to produce, come from renewable resources, and are created from waste products.

Eco-Products - Recycled Food Service Supplies

Eco-Products offers single-use foodservice packaging made with renewable resources and post-consumer recycled content. Their mission is to change the way society thinks about disposables, one cup at a time. Eco-Products recognizes that disposable products are not ideal, but if they are produced they should be made from renewable resources. They strive to get to a point where the use of their products is regenerative to the environment, recognizing that being less bad isn’t good enough.

Nepalese Paper

Nepalese Paper was established in 1995 with the main objective of supporting the developing Nepalese traditional craft industry, thereby improving a family's standard of living in the rural and urban areas. Nepalese Paper has supported the same group since the company was founded. All of their handmade paper items are entirely tree-free and fair trade. They offer invitations, journals, photo albums, stationery, and more.

Cortizza - Cork Accessories

Cortizza designs and manufactures accessories made from sustainable cork. Cork fabric has a luxurious texture and is available in a variety of patterns. Cork trees have a typical lifespan of over 200 years and they are not damaged or cut down to harvest the cork. Cork forests support biodiversity including endangered birds, plants and mammals. Cortizza's products include fashion accessories, handbags, wallets, make-up cases, travel cases, overnight bags, business portfolios, business gifts, corporate gifts, executive accessories and wine accessories. Cortizza can personalize many products with your company logo or text.

O2wear - Bamboo Clothing

O2wear specializes in women's leggings, t-shirts, and camisoles made from silky-soft bamboo fiber; a light-weight, breathable, natural alternative to synthetic fibers. The fabric is certified by the Oeko-tex 100 Standard, meaning there are no chemicals or toxins remaining in the fabric after it has been processed into fibers. Native to China, bamboo grows prolifically with very little need for irrigation or pesticides, making it a more sustainable option than many other fibers. The company is based in Australia and ships worldwide.

Merino Queen

Merino Queen offers fashion forward cardigans, sweaters, pants, tanks and scarves made from featherweight merino knit. Merino Queen was born out of a love of merino knitwear. Each garment is fully fashioned out of the finest New Zealand/Australian eco-friendly merino yarn. Merino Queen sources their yarn from Biella mill in Italy. Biella has the preservation of the natural and community resources as a fundamental principle and all mills are certified for their compliance with international ecological standards. Merino Queen is based in New Zealand and offers worldwide shipping.

A.Ell design & atelier

A.Ell Design offers island-inspired hemp, bamboo and organic cotton clothing for men, women, and children. Designer Angelique Ell likes to use hemp fabric for many reasons, including the fact that hemp doesn’t zap the soil of nutrients, it actually feeds the soil. Another tantalizing feature is hemp’s luxurious texture and the fact that it is four times stronger than cotton. Comfortable eco-fashions from A.Ell Design support a greener world and sustainability.

Alpaca Clothing Store

Alpaca Clothing Store offers shawls, wraps, gloves, scarves and cowls made from the first shearings of baby alpacas, a fiber so luxurious it was once reserved for royalty. Their apparel is as soft as cashmere, feathery light, gently clingy, hypoallergenic, washable, and 'green' too. Alpacas have little impact on the world's increasingly dire competition for water or edible food sources. They are among the most eco-friendly species on Earth, producing 3 to 10 pounds of fiber per sheering - versus 4 ounces a year per cashmere goat. Alpaca Clothing Store is based in Everett, Washington and the company's designs are made to order in Lima, Peru. 

Footprint - Bamboo and Coconut Socks

Footprint offers eco-friendly alternatives to synthetic performance socks for athletes and diabetics alike. Footprint offers bamboo fiber and coconut shell fiber options, which offer unique natural properties such as moisture wicking, anti-bacterial protection & superior comfort. Footprint strives to build the best product possible and cause no unnecessary harm. They work to source sustainable materials and use processes that are less harmful to the Earth without compromising quality.

Artisan Gear - Hemp Bags

Artisan Gear creates an award-winning line of hemp bags and accessories for travel, outdoor and everyday adventures. Their True Hemp Collection™ combines functional design and careful construction that begins with heavy weight hemp. The fabric is dyed using a low impact process or left in its untreated and natural state. All materials in the Artisan line are held up to three criteria: Are they sustainable? Will they perform well under a variety of conditions? If a non-renewable material is to be used, will it significantly add to the life of the product?