All in Wool & Natural Fiber

Alpaca Clothing Store

Alpaca Clothing Store offers shawls, wraps, gloves, scarves and cowls made from the first shearings of baby alpacas, a fiber so luxurious it was once reserved for royalty. Their apparel is as soft as cashmere, feathery light, gently clingy, hypoallergenic, washable, and 'green' too. Alpacas have little impact on the world's increasingly dire competition for water or edible food sources. They are among the most eco-friendly species on Earth, producing 3 to 10 pounds of fiber per sheering - versus 4 ounces a year per cashmere goat. Alpaca Clothing Store is based in Everett, Washington and the company's designs are made to order in Lima, Peru. 

Alpaca by Design

Alpaca by Design offers eco-friendly clothing for men and women made from the soft fleece of alpacas. Products include sweaters, scarves, socks, gifts, blankets, and throws. Alpaca by Design is located in Sisters, Oregon and many of their products are offered online. Alpaca fiber is luxurious, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and beautiful. It is warmer than wool, has superior wicking capabilities, is very colorfast, is odor resistant, and is stain resistant. 

The Green Mountain Spinnery

The Green Mountain Spinnery was established in 1981 to spin local fleece into the finest possible yarn for knitters and weavers. Their blends of wool and precious fiber ~ silk, llama, mohair ~ produce sturdy 100% New England wool yarns in a rainbow of dyed and natural colors. Their founding principles are to conduct business in a democratic and environmentally responsible manner. All long-term workers at the Spinnery participate in setting purposes and policies, and approximately a quarter of the work force owns the business. Waste wool is recycled into useful products like baseballs at a nearby mill and dregs are used for garden mulch.